Quantities Limited ~ Save 40% over pottted plant prices!
Bare Root Event 2019!

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Save 40% over potted plant prices!

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Why Bare Root? 

It is the most economical and environmentally friendly way to plant trees and strubs. No pot destined for the landfill, there is no depletion of the world's peat pogs, while saving labor and shipping costs.

Bare root plants are exceptionally hardy, their roots haven't been trimmed to fit in a small pot and you receive them at the optium time for planting. They get off to a better and faster start than a potted tree or shrub! 

Place your order now, you will be notified in early March 2019 when your order arrives at the greenhouse.  Most of us have ordered from the catalogs that we receive during the winter months, inticing us to order with big discounts, only to receive a tiny twig when the order arrives. That won't be the case here, many of these trees are 5 feet tall without the roots, the shrubs are 18" to 24",  again without the roots. So if for some reason you are not delighted with your plants when you pick them up--we will give you a refund. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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