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Chef's Choice Orange


All-America Selections award winner.

When it comes to a beefsteak for slicing, saucing, and soup-ing, ‘Chef’s Choice Orange’ is your best bet. Combining the perfect balance of rich, heirloom flavor and function, bright orange 9-12 oz. fruits keep their radiant tangerine tones, fresh or cooked. As adaptable in the garden as it is in the kitchen, ‘Chef’s Choice Orange’ more than merits the All-America Selections award for 2015. This hybrid-heirloom, adapted from the tasty but late ‘Amana Orange’ will quickly be a favorite to sink your teeth into. Each 5-6’ plant yields up two dozen fruits over the season. Disease-resistant plants resist cracking, as well. Indeterminate.

Fruit Weight: 9-12  ounces

Fruit Bearing: Indeterminate

Days to Maturity: 75  days

Height: 60-72  inches

Spread: 24-36  inches