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Blueberry Blueray, Bluecrop & Jersey 3 plants to a bundle 12" Vaccimium

One of each variety are bundled Highbush blueberries. This trio is considerd the best for cross pollination. Bluecrop blueberry a midseason blueberry. Considered by may to be the best all around variety for consistent yields, disease resistance, and high quality. It has an upright, open growing habit. One of the best garden blueberry varieties on the market today. Height: 4-6' Full Sun Zone: 4-7. Blueray is a midseason blueberry. A heavy producer of high quality large, powder-blue berries with outstanding dessert flavor. The beautiful rose-pink flowers turn right white in full bloom. Foliage turns a burgundy color in the fall. Does particularly well in areas with hot summer or very cold winters. Upright and open growing habit. Height: 5'. Full Sun Zone: 4-7. Jersery Blueberry if a favorite for home gardeners wanting an easy to grow, heavy producing late season variety. The fruit is dark blue, small to madium in size, and very sweet in flavor. Excellent for baking. A reliable producer every year. Height: 5-6'. Full Sun Zone 4-8.