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Apricot trees Moongold and Sungold (2)

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Height: 10-15'
Bloom Date: Late April
Fruit Type: Freestone
Ripening Date: Moongold Late July Sungold Early August
Zone 4-8

Moongold and Sungold offer includes one of each vareity. Moongold was released by the University of Mlinnesota in 1961. Light orange color. Flavor is sweet, but with  slight acidity. Blooms 3rd week of April. Ripens before Sungold. 1.75" fruit hangs on tree until ripe. Sungold has bright clear gold 1.25" fruit. Fruit hangs on the tree unti ripe. Flavor is mild and sweet. Eating quality is good, sauce fair to good, jam very good. Late variety. Upright habit of growth. Blooms 3rd week of April. Released by the University of Minnesota in 1960.