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Gift Certificate Fundraiser

 This is a simple fundraiser that requires NO money up front and NO product to distribute. This opportunity is open to all area groups, clubs and organizations that are interested in raising money. Sweet Briar Corner Market was created to be an active part of our rural Western Illinois Community and we are proud to be able to offer interested groups a simple way to raise funds for their organization. We do limit the number of organizations selling certificates to assist fundraising efforts.

How It Works. . .
    Sell Sweet Briar Corner Market gift certificates in any denomination over our $10 minimum. Your organization earns 15% of each certificate that is sold. The gift certificates may only be redeemed at Sweet Briar Corner Market in Roseville, Illinois or on our on-line store @ sweetbriarcornermarket.com.
  • Decide how many gift certificate packets you will need. We recommend one per volunteer selling them. Each packet contains 10 certificates. Extra certificates are available upon request.
  •  Pick a date range that you want to sell the certificates. A two to three week campaign is suggested. Campaign must end by March 31, 2016 it insure that all paperwork is submitted before we open for the 2016 year.
  • Fill out a sales contract. Submit your contract when you receive your sales packets. Email sweetbriarcornermarket@gmail.com or call (309) 337-0594 to learn more or sign your organization up..
  • Return the unsold gift certificates and pay for the certificates sold, keeping 15% for your group by the deadline date on the Sales Contract.